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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 26, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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into affect. what is what i am this investigation and why is the few five now involved? i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. and ways to connect. hmm. let's just shareu want, a 20 [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. -- what is behind this investigation and why is it five now involved?
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. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, february 26th, i am pam cook. >> shall we check weather and traffic? >> shall i turn to steve? >> he always looks sharp. >> i got the e-mail 3:00 a.m. we are going blue today. temperatures are warming
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up, mid-60s here, even warmer on the five-day and we will have that in about five minutes. it looks good between walnut creek and oakland and not a bad drive, also the morning commute looks good on 237 west, let's go back to the desk. we are starting with developing news, the fbi is helping with a major investigation and tara moriarty says they have more than a dozen possible suspects who are being questioned after a marathon standoff, what do you know? >> reporter: the fbi has wrapped up their investigation and they are trying to figure out which of the 14 people they questioned and which if any will be arrested. this after an intense search that lasted through the night, it happened near
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international boulevard at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: officers were serving a search warrant while investigating two rival gangs. we spoke with a woman whose 16- year-old son was being questioned. >> 12 mothers in there and they have not found one gun. that is why the bomb squad just left. >> reporter: now we saw police question three people and items were removed from the home and they are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation and they contacted chief jordan. he was able to provide further information so obviously this is an ongoing investigation and we will stay with this and let you know if there are any new developments. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. coast guard is continuing their search looking for a missing family with two young children. they were on a sailboat 65
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miles west of monterey bay. alex savage has new information from the coast guard. >> reporter: good morning, this search is going on nonstop throughout the night and i spoke with a spspokesperson who confirmed to me they have had two cutters in the water overnight and two aircraft. they are trying to find any sign of this family including two children. the sailboat reportedly started taking on water and the coast guard received a mayday from a boat named charm glow. they were trying to fashion a raft and they were trying to ditch the sinking boat. >> they are abandoning ship. >> reporter: this has been a frustrating search since the coast guard at this point has been unable to figure out where
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this boat was coming from or going to and they don't know who exactly was on boat. there are no reports of a missing boat at this point and has not been able to trace a boat with the name charm glow. still searchers done think it was a hoax. >> we don't think four people were in distress and that's why we are throwing all of these assets at them. >> reporter: among those assets, the navy and the international guard have sent aircraft with what they are terming a search and rescue off the coast and crews are hoping to find those four people alive and the coast guard said we can expect an update on this massive search after seven a.m. new this morning, the
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federal government has released groups of immigration and details as a way to save money. a spokesperson said immigration officials have been asked to make sure they stay within budget and all of this comes amidst budget cuts. immigration officials will still pursue cases. in the meantime they are meeting with two top republicans senators and the president will meet with arizona senator john mccain and republican u.s. senator lindsey graham. and the automatic spending cuts due to take affect this friday will also affect immigration. and there are more coming up with border patrol acts.
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they are talking about the recent murder and it is among those accused in his home in november. court records refer to her as one of his main girls who had details of his mansion. he is among several charged in the murder. he will take a first look of a five acre parcel of land. the now empty lot near jackson was once used to maintain and store vehicles and they will have new homes and stores in the area and possibly a new city park. they like facebook's plans and the social network wants to call what they call an office in a forest from its original campus in menlo park. there were questioned raised
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about a 73-foot tower and they will have more on the tree and now the plan has to be approved by the city council. you are watching the east shore, don't you? >> that's right, we are off to a decent start and traffic is moving along well as you drive through the east shore freeway, westbound coming out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems, no problems on westbound 580 and it turns into 80 and is a nice looking drive and we are looking at a san jose -- at the san jose area. things tend to change as we get later into the morning. let's go to steve. skies are clear, it is going to be a beautiful day, anything as far as any front goes up and over, very heavy
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rain for seattle and haven't kind and probably beyond that. everything goes diving into the rockies but just not hear. there is enough of a breeze so it is not cold as monday morning and temperatures are coming up and continuing to do so, clear skies cool lows, again some areas are cold and we can get some 30s and yesterday morning seemed to be running colder. sunshine should be taking us into warmer weather. >> same for fairfield picking up a little bit of a breeze and this is heading towards the great lakes and now there is
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severe weather heading towards the great lakes. we have a chilly morning but cold for some, enough he have a breeze stirring things up, 60s for many, only a few upper 50s and they are only where they should be this time of year and temperatures will continue to warm up, thursday a few high clouds and it looks good it will be cooler on sunday. look at these pictures in west texas, the national guard is helping stranded drivers. in the texas panhandle almost every road is impassable. one person died in an icy crash and there was a deadly roof collapse in oklahoma. the national weather service is calling this storm a crippling
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historic dis-- dessert. the bureau of reclamation had one of the dryest januaries combined and water supplies from the delta region had been reduced to protect the fish and farmers have been getting less water than they have been asking for. 5:09 is the time right now, new details about a police captain, the startling way he found out his daughter may have been killed. gas prices are taking a big hit, the decision lawmakers are making that could push gas prices even higher. it looks great out to the high-rise, we will have more for you straight ahead.
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. monica and keith lawrence gunned down by christopher dorner. her father, a retired police department captain was worried and called police. he told officers his daughter lived near the shooting scene and doerner was angry at the
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older man who represented him in the hearing. they will be back in court. riley offered to plead guilty for the 22 counts he faces. he considered a move to dismiss all charges that manning has not received a speedy trial. and new ceremony is marking the 20th anniversary of the first terrorist attack on the world trade center. they will honor the six people who died in a garage below one of the twin towers and more than them were hurt. several were convicted about that bombing and they are honoring the 2700 people who died in the attacks that took down the world trade center towers. neither side is bulging in washington with no spending
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plan in place, automatic cuts are due to take affect on friday. kyla campbell is in our washington d.c. newsroom to tell us how they could affect airports and border security, kyla campbell? >> reporter: people will have to wait longer in security lines and security in california's border in mexico could also be weakened. they warned turn lows -- furloughs will be taken at the boarder but they don't expect the cuts to be taken immediately but it is a different story at airports. cuts are more likely at the transportation security administration and they say to expect to wait an extra hour and the obama ad minute station -- the obama administration warns it will make these areas less secure. >> i don't think we can
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maintain security with sequester. i am not here to scare people, i am here to inform. >> reporter: they are warning wait times could affect the local economy and i will explain when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. a third suspect is said to make his first court appearance this afternoon. police arrested carlos ruiz on friday. he and two other suspects are accused of the deadly shooting in 2010. they believed the killing was tied to san jose's violent street gangs. they violated several businesses and police released this photo of the suspect and they believe it caused $10,000 worth of damage and police are asking anybody with information to call them. california drivers may be paying the highest gasoline
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taxes if a state gas tax is approved. right now they had an exercised gas on taxes and they will consider increasing that by 3.5 cents per gallon. the excised gas is used to pay for transportation projects including maintenance and bridge repairs. marijuana supporters are trying again to legalize marijuana in california. the hemp initiative is about to kickoff a new campaign and they need to collect 6 5,000 signatures order to get their measure on the ballot but some are saying that measure may do better in the 2016 election. 5:17 is the time right now let's go back and check in on traffic. >> good morning, once again we have traffic which is actually
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moving along relatively well to start off this commute. approaching the 880 split is not bad coming into the downtown area. also the commute looks good and there are no problems getting into san francisco. incase you are trying to catch a flight at fso, there are no problems there or on the peninsular. skies are clear, a little bit of patchy fog looks to be forming right off of monterey and pebble. other than that, they say a system here will do the same thing the last couple of systems have done and that's barely worth mentioning. san francisco is slowly wanting up starting off at 60s and a few high clouds. cool skies to cool lows and i
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will show you a difference in some of the lows near 30s to near 50 degrees depending on whether you have a breeze or not and it has just parked itself and it's working out and it looks like by thursday and friday we'll see some high 70s on the high side around here. everything is good to go for sunshine and the city is 47. i saw a bunch of readings 46 to 44, santa rosa has a north wind and that's why they are at 42 and 42 in napa. some areas you get that breeze and it's a little bit warmer than what we saw yesterday at this time. napa is 32 and that north breeze is holding up for some. blustery conditions in some of the higher elevations and it's going to be a another sunny mild -- going to be another sunny or mild warm day. temperatures in the 60s to
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upper 60s possibly if you get enough of that north breeze. 65 and 60s, a little bit cooler by the coast and still nice. a weak system brushes us thursday. friday looks to be the warmest day and with your weekend in view, it looks nice but it is always cooler. the government sent stocks down after all the major pacific markets, they are concerned about how this will affect the global economy. this is dropping 2 and a quarter percent and china and hong kong closed at 1%. checking in on our numbers, they started responding well to the european markets and i did say early on, i was not sure how the markets were coming through but the dow jones industrial average dropped 216 points and right now i am looking at the futures and it
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looks like a higher opening and we will see how it works out today. it is more than the usual number of layoffs in some departments and the bank usually eliminates the weakest 5 to 7 employees around now. other chief financial officers are laying off and it may be a way to generate a return for their shareholders. mayor ed lee is about to appoint a new supervisor. plus researchers are concerned about the benefits of a certain diet, we will explain.
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. >> welcome back, we are talking about the two scuba divers who were killed on the monterey coast last week. they were identified from east san jose. the couple was diving when they went missing and according to a website they lived in the ukraine until they moved to the united states in 1999. the cause of their death is still under investigation. the east bay regional park district is looking for a vendor to refurbish the district. they are looking at only one
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proposal and that offer was rejected because they wanted the district to pay 80 percent of the costs. the water slides were built and closed after inspection. there is a push for mayor ed lee to appoint a mom to the board of supervisors. it a -- supervisors. that was after mayor ed lee appointed somebody and right now there are no mothers on the board of supervisors. >> i think a mother's voice would lead to legislation that would make it easier for families to stay in san francisco. >> mayor ed lee has not indicated who he is considering and he's appreciating a request for a mother but the focus is finding the best overall person for that district.
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switching to a mediterranean diet can reduce the risk for heart attacks and strokes. they studied two group of people and found the diet can reduce the risk of stroke by 30% and the study is being published in the new england journal of medicine. sal? >> i was looking at that food, it does look nice. >> it is colorful. right now we are looking at the commutes in the south bay and we will start with northbound 208 getting off to -- 280 getting off to a nice decent start and we have a lot going on which is just the way we like it and the traffic is light 580 nearby and of course things tend to change and right now we are off to a good start. let's go to steve. and 30s and 40s, a little bit of a breeze, it will be
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mild to warm, 40s in santa rosa and san jose is 41, concord 36, a little bit of a breeze, antioch is being held with livermore, highs 50s and mid- 60s, pam. coming up next, we are following developing news out of san jose. police are developing a fatal hit-and-run crash coming into the newsroom. what the bay area cardinal is saying about the church. there has been an uptake in crime at a particular park. we will tell you what police are doing about it and what reaction they have. atever you want, baby.
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. coming up next, it is 5:30 i don't know if this weather will continue, but it is crazy. >> when it gets to be 72 on friday, what will you be wearing? >> shorts. >> well, it is about that time, it is mild during the day why not, it still gets cool at night, 50s and mid-60s on the high, here is sal. good driving as you head to the toll plaza with no major
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problems and also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge to foster city, let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news from san jose, police are investigating a hit-and-run which happened on monterey road and bellevue avenue. a woman was crossing the street when she was hit by a car and the driver sped away. police know it was a dark colored vehicle and that's all they know. we will have a crew at that location and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. the fbi is assisting oakland police in a major homicide investigation and tara moriarty tells us more than a dozen possible suspects are being questioned after a marathon standoff. tara, you are at police headquarters this morning? >> yes. so far police have not commented and we don't know what they found in that home.
5:34 am
they were questioning quite a few people but we don't know who if any will be arrested. this -- >> reporter: this search lasted through the night and the bomb squad was here at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers were serving a search warrant while investigating two rival gangs for a series of retaliatory homicides. we spoke with one woman whose son was questioned. >> he said the reason they have it taped off is because it is just for safety and they are really still looking to see if they find any weapons, but um, you know it was a matter of a few days ago and they heard that these kids were probably part of the crew. >> reporter: now we saw police
5:35 am
shoot bean bags into the home and sent in a robe. detectives questioned at least three people we saw and items were removed from the home but again we don't know what they were since police are remaining tight-lipped about this investigation. we are first going to find out more information as they become available. live in oakland, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in gilroy are cracking down on alcohol problems at a park in gilroy and they are talking about the recent arrests and looking to make the area safe for kids. >> reporter: this park is located in an older part of town in a middle class neighborhood but lately they are getting complaints about the grim familiar activity
5:36 am
going on here. gilroy police have arrested several for using drugs in the park and they have been cited for drinking alcohol and the problems are growing because it is located across from the middle school. they are having special enforcement because officers do not want offenders because they think they can have free range for playing in the park and the school. >> yes, there is no reason to have people are having trouble because things could happen, you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and people go to the park. i don't know what people are doing at the park at midnight but there are parks for people during the day. >> so far police have arrested richard st. cloud for selling marijuana in the park. they say at least one person they arrested was a convicted
5:37 am
felon and in plainview of -- plain view of children. i have put in a call to gilroy police and i am waiting for more details as far as what types of drugs are being sold here and what time of day and we hope to have that information later for you on the morning news. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the so called bound and gagged murder case is due in court this morning. they are charged with camming man found on the street -- with killing a man who had been bound and gagged along with a woman who was seriously hurt. they have not revealed a possible motive but they stress the defendants all knew each other and this was not a random crime. the manhunt expands in las vegas and they are dead set on finding the man accused of
5:38 am
killing an oakland native on the strip. lamar harris, the suspect behind yesterday's car shooting is armed and dangerous. he gunned down kenneth junior in his car and he slammed into a cab that exploded literally killing two people inside. >> we are using our entire homicide bureau. we are utilizing all of our resources within our agency. >> police are using his voice on billboards -- using his face on billboards in the areas harris is known to have lived. pope benedict xvi will continue to wear white and when the pope officially steps town he will be the first to do so in 600 years.
5:39 am
cardinals williams leaves for the vatican to help choose the next peep. he will be among the 116 and he will talk about some of the qualities he will be looking for in the next pope. >> a man of prayer, a person who has shown qualities of leadership either through his work through a major arch die essential in the -- archdiocese in the world or perhaps more ideally a combination of those things. >> cardinal hopes to like the a new pope before the start of holy week. more teens are dying in car crashes but when it comes to california, there is slightly better news. they conducted this new study and shows the deaths among 16
5:40 am
and 17-year-old drivers are up nationwide in the first six months of 2012. however 17 states and the official deaths went down slightly. drakes bay is celebrating a legal victory which should let them stay open until may. they can continue to operate while an appeals court considers its eviction. they were ordered to shut down next month, after the secretary of interior decided not to renew the lease. the challenge is scheduled to be heard in may. sal is coming in at the east bay. pam? >> i would not complain, i want to show you the same thing on 80 westbound and it's not bad as you drive through. if you are an early driver, or if you take advantage, we have no major problems but those have been cleared out and at
5:41 am
the toll plaza of the bay bridge, you are looking at san mateo with no major problems. the san mateo looks good and 101 and 285 are off to a good start. i'm not sure how long it will stay this way but let's go to steve. cool to clear this morning, there is enough of a breeze mainly east bay hills, at the surface it is not as bad, only patchy fog and so far it's not as much. surface rain is getting warmer and to be honest with you, i have looked at 7, 10 and 15 days, there is not much even to the middle of march and everything will be east of us. maybe there is some patchy fog, a few high clouds might drift in here later on but it is not
5:42 am
a big deal. we will go with 46. 56 at noon and 60 which is 23 degrees -- 2 degrees warmer than what it should be. there is nothing showing up here for a while and it will be temperatures warming up, 30s for some 40s for others. san francisco 47 and speaking of that price. they have a little bit of an easterly breeze and it is variable all over the place and it is showing in the higher elevations. temperatures are warming up, a little cooler in the shade but the lows are still cool and breezy in higher elevations and these are right about normal this time of year and they will continue to go above and if fact everything will be above the 70s and the weekend looks good and it will be cooler on
5:43 am
sunday. a strange story, a hot air balloon in europe took a strange turn for the worst, what happened before if topple -- before it toppled to the ground. it looks good here driving to the tunnel, we will tell you more about the bay area weather.
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. all right, steve here is a quick look at some of the top stories, right now the fbi is
5:46 am
helping police in a major homicide investigation. they are questioning suspects after a marathon standoff. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a home on 88th avenue and they shut down streets. coast guard is trying to find a family of four believed to be missing several miles off the coast of monterey. aircrafts and searchers searched all night and they received a distress call saying the family's boat was taking on water. and cuts are due to take affect this coming friday and that is if congress finds a way to reduce the federal deficit. they are heading to a shipyard in virginia and he will be talking about how the spending cuts will hurt the economy. at least 18 tourists have
5:47 am
been killed in equipment following -- egypt and investigators say there was a fire an explosion right before the balloon plunged 14,000 feet to the ground. no americans were on board and investigators are calling this one of the worst accidents involving to your wrists in that -- tourists in that country. the family is holding out hope for their safe return. they have not heard from them and in their last facebook posting, the couple said they were going to a foreign country. they told the u.s. embassy that witnesses saw them nearby in a town and wanted to go and boat trip in the amazon. despite the clue, there is another concern. >> all the financial transactions stopped on january 25th, so as a mom, i am thinking how is my son getting by with no money.
5:48 am
>> his mother said before her son vanished he was taking out $200 at a time and authorities are telling them they are doing everything they can to locate the couple. they are proceeding with the confirmation of senator chuck hagel as secretary of defense and after stalling the nomination they would end their delaying tactics just days before huge across the board cuts set to hit the pentagon. back here at home, seniors at a scene your facility -- senior facility had a fire and fire crews said it was a challenge getting them out of the home since they were in
5:49 am
wheelchairs or bedridden. five were treated for smoke inhalation. one is still in the hospital this morning. a high school student plans on pleading guilty. he will change his plea in about an hour from now and it comes just one day after he fired 10 shots in the school's cafeteria. he admitted to shooting them but i don't know why he did it. it has been a year since one year he killed trayvon martin. it sparked several protests about racial profiling and he maintains he shot the teen in self-defense. he is expected to stand trial in june. congress could start the debate on gun control and they
5:50 am
could consider it, they are expected to crack down on illegal gun trafficking and improve school safety. it is a response to obama's push to reduce school violence after the deadly shooting in newtown connecticut. here at home there could be a new hotel in the south of market district. they are planning to consider an he 11 story hotel on 4th street. down from the convention center, they are expected to house 20 rooms and include a large floor space which may well be a restaurant but they are choosing not to include parking as part of the design of this new hotel. 5:48, it is about time to check the toll plaza, call?
5:51 am
you probably have been here for so long. it is not a huge crowd. also the morning commute is looking good on 101 in san francisco and also it is looking good on the 880 split. also on 101 in the south bay, we are off to a good start here. another week system brushing us, we have not much of a chance except for a few patches of fog and all of the reporting stations are clear and we have some 30s and it is a little bit warmer today than yesterday and everything says sunshine or mostly sunny and we have higher clouds and it's no big deal. we are warming up and thursday and friday look to be the warmest day.
5:52 am
the system right there don't do much. a breeze is holding some of these up and some cold readings on the coast, mid-30s to upper 30s as well and that breeze in some of the higher he will vagues is north, northeast and other locations, it is all over the place and there are other things stirring up the weather. it is sunny and a little milder, a chilly and cold morning and temperatures continue to work their way up, pushing a few upper 60s and upper 50s and 60s coast and bay and everything says it is a little bit warmer. a few high clouds thursday, warmest day looks to be march 1st and it is still colder on said. -- saturday. >> they are raising the income and part of the bailout deal
5:53 am
means they have to approve the raise. the treasury department says so far no decision has been made. travelers looking for a good deal cannot turn to he can speed why or hot wire anymore. the contract has expired and the airline is offering more advanced assignments out of the airport. they are in fear of losing their accreditation and that means students in phoenix will no longer be eligible for student loans. they cited problems with the school's administrative structure and they could be placed on probation through the fall of 2014 and if that happens they will appeal the decision. a dog food is fighting back, the reason why one
5:54 am
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. skies are clear to cold, and it will be sunny and nice and a little warmer. they are planning on
5:57 am
chopping down trees and this angers a lot of people. uc san francisco owns that land and they want to cut down as many as 30,000 nonnative trees. they say removing those trees will help to restore wildfires. a lot of people packed a public hearing to expels their views. >> -- isn't press their view -- to express their views. >> the golden gate bridge -- the golden gate bridge is younger and perhaps they should go. >> they say the university should start on four test sites in the fall. one man is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting several women while on duty. he is currently at the county jail and he is charged with assaulting six women, ages 20
5:58 am
to 47 and alverez used his position as an officer to stop and assault the women. they planned on saying their goodbyes to 10 month old angel. funeral services are planned for 11:00 at our lady church. her father is charged in her kidnapping and death. a natural branch dog food is being recalled. the honest kitchen was told some of the parsesly used in its zeal and thrive brand may be contaminated with salmonella. since the dog food is raw, salmonella could be passed on to the pet. so far no pets are reportedly sick but they want to make sure no pets become ill. it is declared rita
5:59 am
williams day. the reporter recently received the proclamation which honors her award-winning career as a groundbreaking journalists. rita, sadly for us is retiring tomorrow after 35 years on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> she was a class act in every way, as a reporter and as a woman, congratulations rita. we had fatal hit-and-run in san jose. >> we have an investigator investigating it now but this happened at 1:00 a.m. on bellevue avenue. she was hit by a car and the driver sped away. police have few details and they are not letting us know anything, but it was a dark colored vehicle and ktvu channel 2 morning news has a crew arriving on the scene and we will bring you the latest information as soon


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